Recipe Collection

  • Super Duper Glazed Citrusy Piro. Cake

    By Caroline Schiff

    "This cake is all about the olive oil, so it’s important to use one that’s truly delicious and special! All the flavors come through and okay perfectly with the citrus."

  • Piro.'s Bloody Mary

    By Ellis Carriero

    "Great olive oils don't only belong in the kitchen or on a dining table! I brought Olio Piro. to my bar for a gourmet take on a classical cocktail"

  • Olio Piro. Mousse au Chocolat

    By Caroline Robitaille

    A recipe that is traditionally made with butter, but no, no, no... if you want pure heaven on earth do switch out the butter for Piro. a really fresh delicious mild to medium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

  • Olio Piro. Dark Chocolate Almond Pie

    By Pérola Polillo

    "I did this recipe with love because I really appreciate the beautiful work of Romain and Daniele."