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Piro olive oil a family affair, from planting to harvest to pressing

The product, now a favorite at Amici Market, stems from brother Romain's decision to make the oil and sister Marie-Charlotte's work to market it.

By Roberta Sabban 
Special to the Palm Beach Daily News


Piro Olive Oil is a family venture, deeply rooted in the traditions of olive farming, harvesting, and pressing. Brother Romain's decision to delve into olive oil production and sister Marie-Charlotte's marketing efforts have propelled the Piro brand to become a beloved favorite at Amici Market in Palm Beach. Their high-antioxidant, extra virgin Tuscan olive oil has garnered attention, with Marie-Charlotte personally hosting tastings to showcase the family's product.

The journey of Piro Olive Oil traces back to Romain's initiative to revive abandoned olive groves in Tuscany, Italy, eventually leading to the production of their award-winning extra-virgin olive oil. Marie-Charlotte's entry into the marketing realm marked a significant turning point, transforming Piro into an international endeavor. Despite facing challenges like the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, strategic e-commerce efforts helped Piro Olive Oil find its niche in the high-end specialty market, expanding to 150 retailers across the United States.

Crafted from a blend of four olive varieties, Piro Olive Oil embodies the rich flavors and traditions of Tuscan olive oil production. The harvesting process, conducted in early fall with meticulous attention to timing, ensures the highest quality product. 

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