Recipe Collection

  • EVOO Citrus Sonder

    By CAMP, Greenville

    A good cocktail needs a balance between sweetness and acidity, and a satisfying mouthful. This refreshing recipe will bring you both in perfect balance, plus a herbal twist from the fresh cut grass distinctive aroma of Piro mixed with the Rosemary. Be ready to be surprised!

  • Glazed Citrusy Piro. Cake

    By Caroline Schiff

    ”This cake is all about the olive oil, so it’s important to use one that’s truly delicious and special! All the flavors come through and okay perfectly with the citrus. With the floral and herbaceous flavors of Piro. it’s a match made in heaven!”

  • Vegan Chocolate, Orange and Almond Olive Oil Cake

    By Ellen Kanner

    Tuscan Olio Piro meets tropical citrus in this cake with Florida oranges.. What brings them together? Chocolate! Bonus, it’s vegan. 

    Olio Piro makes it silky and moist and the taste is deeply chocolate. 

  • Marinated Feta with Piro.

    By Michael Landis 

    Delicious on salads, chicken & fish, it’s also great spread on French bread as an appetizer or baked on chicken or fish for a Mediterranean style dish.

  • Whole Oranges, Gluten Free EVOO Cake

    By Jeanne Fratello

    An orange olive oil cake made with whole oranges that's also gluten-free, dairy-free, and without refined sugar. It looks like an upside-down cake but it’s actually topped with oranges that have been lightly sauteed in olive oil.

  • Tuna Tartare with Piro. and Pickled Fennel with Tomato Burrata Salad

    By Chef Soon Hwan

    "My dish contain tuna and burrata, and the richness in these ingredients is balanced out perfectly by the fresh and peppery finish of the Piro olive oil."

  • Bruschetta Siciliana

    by Chef Paola

    "There’s nothing more satifsying than taking a bite from a warm and crispy slice of bread with a fresh tomato salad and a hint of garlic, finished with the best Olio Piro. This recipe adds some twists to the classic tomato bruschetta."

  • Cup o'Piro. Tomato Shallot Confit

    By Susie Powell

    "The beauty of tomato confit is that the juices from cherry tomatoes, garlic and shallots roasted in a pool of olive oil create a rich, unctuous, delectable sauce that you can swirl through pasta or mound onto hot, buttered toast."

  • Creamy Burrata and Piro-marinated pan seared grapes

    By Chef Patty Morrell-Ruiz

    "It all starts with a flavorful marinade for the grapes made with fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Piro. and spices, then a little drizzle more of Extra Virgin Olive Oil right before serving for next level deliciousness!


  • Blood Orange Boquerones

    By Susie Davidson Powell

    "With my Extra Virgin Cucumber Gimlet, try this deliciously simple recipe for white anchovies in-season blood orange and satsuma salad. Using the zest and juice of these jewel-toned citrus fruits makes for a beautifully simple dish"

  • Extra Virgin Cucumber Gimlet

    By Susie Davidson Powell

    "I often find mouthfeel is missing from non-alcoholic cocktails. My fix is to make sure there’s spice or heat from chile or ginger which is helpful in replacing the role of alcohol, but my favorite tip is to add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil for better body overall."

  • Dark Chocolate and Orange Pot de Crème with Piro. and Sea Salt

    By Susie Davidson Powell

    "My recipe for rich, decadent dark chocolate orange pots de crème is elevated with the simple addition of Piro. olive oil and sea salt."