Recipe Collection

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pumpkin Pie Soup

    By Susie Davidson Powell

    "There’s nothing unusual about pumpkin soup in autumn, but key to this velvety, show-stopping pie pumpkin soup is Piro. high antioxidant extra virgin olive oil which adds beautiful silky texture to the roasting pumpkin flesh and imparts incredible flavor as a finishing oil."

  • Piro.'s Bloody Mary

    By Ellis Carriero

    "Great olive oils don't only belong in the kitchen or on a dining table! I brought Olio Piro. to my bar for a gourmet take on a classical cocktail"

  • Olio Piro. Mousse au Chocolat

    By Caroline Robitaille

    " A recipe that is traditionally made with butter, but if you want pure heaven on earth do switch out the butter for Piro. a really fresh delicious mild to medium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It really changes a dish from good to great "

  • Olio Piro. Dark Chocolate Almond Pie

    By Pérola Polillo

    "I did this recipe with love because I really appreciate the beautiful work of Romain and Daniele.When I visited the farm I was impressed by the dedication in all the processes to guarantee the best of the olives to be extracted: fresh aromas, bitterness, pungent and a lot of polyphenol for our health. I really admire the work of Romain and Daniele and their extra virgin olive oil Olio PIro."