The Splurgy Bottle I’m Gifting to All My Friends This Year

(No, It’s Not Wine)




Mara Weinbaum's piece featured on The Kitchn provides a down-to-earth perspective on the challenges of gift-giving and her discovery of an outstanding solution during a visit to the Piro production farm in Tuscany.

Weinbaum offers a detailed examination of the olive oil-making process, beginning with the meticulous selection of locally grown olives and the innovative triple filtration method that sets Piro apart. The article unveils the dedication and ingenuity fueling Piro's success, evident through its gold awards at the New York World Olive Oil Competition and accolades from the Flos Olei international guide.

The narrative moves beyond poetic descriptions, delivering a practical understanding of the craftsmanship integral to Piro and a tangible connection to the gastronomic artistry of Tuscany.

A read you should not miss!


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