Sustainable Seafood Dinner at Golden, Brown and Delicious


Chef Alex George at GB&D in Greenville makes foods he likes, and he hope you'll like it too. For the purpose of this special Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sustainable Seafood celebration dinner with Olio Piro, he personally drove to Charleston SC to select the freshest sustainable seafood from Abundant Seafood to prepare this exclusive menu, pairing the flavors of Piro. with a superbly curated selection of sustainable seafood.  

Focaccia Bread & Piro. olive oil, Oysters with squash vinegar mignonette - Olio Piro granatta -  Asparagus, poached egg and Bowfin caviar salad, drizzled with Olio Piro. - Crudo of yellowfin tuna in Piro, carbonated pineapple and red pepper - Red Shrimp Dash Udon, with broth noodles, charred & Piro. drizzled bitter greens - Olive Oil Poached Wreck Fish, fermented honey and green & roasted vegetables - Piro. gelato with black pepper caramel, shortbread cookie crumbs


Another curated culinary experience by Gourmet GVL

Photography Chelsea Ashford

Golden Brown and Delicious, Greenville,SC

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