Olio Piro at the Battery Conservancy Gala 2023

The Battery Conservancy Gala of 2023 proved to be a night of gastronomic enchantment and celebration. 

With the theme "Farm to Feast by Women Chefs," this gala showcased the extraordinary talent of female culinary experts and highlighted the exceptional flavors of Piro Olive Oil, freshly sourced from the sun-kissed fields of Tuscany. From the delightful Filone bread by Grandaisy Bakery to the diverse selection of herbs for dipping, this event was a testament to the power of collaboration, the beauty of fine cuisine, and the remarkable influence of women in the culinary world. Moreover, attendees had the exclusive opportunity to preview the highly anticipated Les Dames d'Escoffier New York Cookbook: Stirring the Pot, a treasure trove of culinary brilliance crafted by influential women in the food industry. Let us delve into the unforgettable evening that brought together passion, flavors, and the art of fine dining.

Sip, Dip, and Savor: Piro Olive Oil Takes Center Stage

The Battery Conservancy Gala commenced with a captivating display of Piro Olive Oil. As guests arrived, they were encouraged to "sip and dip" their way into a world of flavor. The velvety texture and rich taste of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Piro added a touch of elegance to the proceedings, elevating each dish it accompanied. With every sip and dip, attendees were treated to a symphony of flavors, relishing the complexity and smoothness that Piro Olive Oil brought to the palate.


Farm to Feast by Women Chefs: A Showcase of Culinary Brilliance

The heart of the evening's theme, "Farm to Feast by Women Chefs," celebrated the culinary brilliance of female chefs. Collaborating with Piro Olive Oil, these talented chefs expertly crafted dishes that showcased their creativity and mastery of flavors. Each bite offered a sensorial journey, with Piro Olive Oil infusing its distinctive character into every culinary creation. From appetizers to main courses, the collaborative efforts of these exceptional women resulted in an unforgettable fusion of taste and artistry.

Filone Bread from Grandaisy Bakery: The Perfect Pairing

A true feast is incomplete without exceptional bread, and the Gala organizers spared no expense in sourcing the renowned Filone bread from Grandaisy Bakery. Guests were treated to the bakery's signature creation, a masterpiece of artisanal baking. The bread's crisp exterior and delicate, fluffy interior served as a perfect complement to the nuanced flavors of Piro Olive Oil. Each bite showcased the seamless harmony between the bread's texture and the oil's robust taste, leaving guests craving for more.


Herbs Galore: Enhancing the Dipping Experience

To further enrich the dipping experience, a bountiful assortment of fresh herbs awaited guests at their dip plates. The fragrant herbs provided an opportunity for attendees to personalize their culinary creations, adding a new layer of complexity to the already exquisite Piro Olive Oil. From the sharpness of rosemary to the earthiness of thyme, guests relished the chance to experiment and unlock unique flavor profiles with each dip.

A Sneak Peek into Culinary Excellence: Les Dames d'Escoffier New York

As the evening progressed, guests were granted an exclusive preview of the highly anticipated Les Dames d'Escoffier New York Cookbook: Stirring the Pot. Authored by esteemed chefs Silvia Baldini and Sharon Franke, this culinary masterpiece offered a collection of cherished recipes from the most influential women in the food industry. From simple yet delectable weekday meals to extravagant party dishes, this cookbook showcased the immense talent and creativity of these culinary luminaries, leaving attendees inspired and eager to embark on their own culinary adventures.

The 2023 Battery Conservancy Gala exceeded all expectations as it honored the brilliance of women chefs and celebrated the captivating flavors of Piro Olive Oil. From the first sip to the final dip, guests indulged in a remarkable culinary experience, appreciating the finesse and artistry that went into each dish.


The event stood as a testament to the power of collaboration, with women chefs demonstrating their exceptional skills and creativity. As attendees reveled in the harmonious union of Filone bread from Grandaisy Bakery and Piro Olive Oil, they discovered the transformative power of exceptional ingredients. Moreover, the preview of Les Dames d'Escoffier New York Cookbook left a lasting impression, inspiring all who attended to embrace their culinary passions and explore the limitless possibilities of the kitchen.

The Battery Conservancy Gala of 2023 was an extraordinary celebration of flavors, talent, and the unwavering influence of women in the world of gastronomy.

All photography: Warrie Price and Battery Conservancy

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