A Signature Chef's Dinner at The Penn Club

Featuring Olio Piro and the Bonini Balsamics

Fabio Bonini, Bettina Bonini Montovan, Romain Piro, Eric Weiss and Marie-Charlotte Piro

The Penn Club recently hosted a truly unforgettable Chef Dinner, an event that brought together culinary aficionados and food lovers for an evening of exquisite flavors and exceptional dining experiences. This exclusive event featured the renowned Chef Anthony Bucco, who masterfully crafted a four-course menu that highlighted the unique characteristics of aged balsamic vinegars from Olio Piro and the traditional balsamic of Modena Bonini.

A Night to Remember

The evening commenced with a warm welcome to the members and esteemed guests. The anticipation in the air was palpable as attendees gathered to embark on a culinary journey that promised to delight the senses. The presence of Marie-Charlotte and Romain Piro together with Fabio Bonini, the maker of the exceptional Bonini Balsamic of Modena, and of revered hospitality and wine consultant Eric Weiss added a special touch to the event, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and passion for the artisanal products and wines showcased during the dinner.

The Exquisite Menu

Fluke Crudo

The first course set the tone for the evening with a delicate Fluke Crudo. Chef Bucco's skillful preparation of this dish was evident in its presentation and taste. The fresh, thinly sliced fluke was accompanied by a subtle drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar, which enhanced the natural flavors of the fish without overpowering it. The dish was a testament to the chef's ability to balance flavors and create a harmonious start to the meal.

House-Made Ricotta Gnudi

Next, the diners were treated to House-Made Ricotta Gnudi, a dish that showcased the creamy texture and rich flavor of ricotta cheese. The gnudi were perfectly complemented by a balsamic reduction that added a sweet and tangy dimension to the dish. This course highlighted the versatility of balsamic vinegar and its ability to elevate simple ingredients to new heights.

Veal Osso Buco

The main course, Veal Osso Buco, was the highlight of the evening. This succulent dish was slow-cooked to perfection, resulting in tender, flavorful meat that fell off the bone. The aged balsamic vinegar used in this dish provided a complex, rich depth of flavor that made each bite a memorable experience. The osso buco was served with a side of creamy polenta, creating a comforting and satisfying main course that left guests in awe.

Balsamic-Infused Dessert

The dinner concluded with a balsamic-infused dessert that showcased the versatility of aged balsamic vinegar in sweet applications. The dessert was a masterful creation that balanced sweetness with the unique, slightly acidic notes of balsamic vinegar, providing a perfect ending to an extraordinary meal.

Acknowledging Excellence

Special recognition also goes to Chef Anthony Bucco, whose culinary expertise and innovative approach turned this dinner into a memorable culinary journey. His ability to highlight the unique characteristics of aged balsamic vinegars in each course was truly remarkable, making this event an exceptional experience for all who attended.

The Penn Club's Chef Dinner featuring Olio Piro and the traditional balsamic of Modena Bonini was a night to remember. The exquisite flavors, masterful culinary creations, and the presence of passionate experts made this event a standout. Attendees were treated to an extraordinary dining experience that celebrated the art of fine dining and the rich traditions of balsamic vinegar. This event will be cherished by all who had the pleasure of attending, and we look forward to more such unforgettable experiences in the future.

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