Live from our 2022 Harvest

Team Piro is in full harvest mode at Frantoio Anteata 
The last minute rains that came in in the middle of October helped improving the water content of our (oh! so small) olives just before harvest. This was a great help to facilitate our bi-phase centrifugation technique (for optimal quality, we choose not to add water to separate the olive paste from the olive oil).
Thankfully, the rains came so late that our olives still had suffered enough drought to develop an exceptional polyphenol content and a magnificent aromatic profile.
We picked our Olivastra Seggianese, Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoiano cultivars are at the peak of their flavor potential. 
On the other hand, a very heavy hail just before our harvest broke the skin of some of our fruit, and we had to schedule even-earlier harvest for several of our groves, to avoid any possibility of damage.
Scheduling our harvest teams is always a challenge, since a lot of quality producers here on Monte Amiata choose, like us, to pick early. 
Our Frantoio has been running non stop since October 17th, and Oh! my! the new oil is simply divine! We cannot wait to bring it to you! 
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