Olio Piro Showcases Quality at Second NAOOA Olive Oil Tasting Event, Exclusively Unveils New "Heat Friendly" Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Professionals

New York, NY, June 22
– Olio Piro made a significant impact at the Second Annual NAOOA Olive Oil Tasting Trade Show, held at the Manhattan Penthouse, 80 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, on Saturday morning, June 22. This prestigious event brought together olive oil enthusiasts, industry professionals, and media representatives for a celebration of one of the world’s most cherished culinary staples.

The North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA) organized this showcase to provide its members, including Olio Piro, a platform to present their premium products to a select audience. The event featured a light buffet lunch, beverages, and the opportunity to taste exceptional olive oils from diverse producers around the globe.



A Unique Opportunity for Olio Piro

For Olio Piro, this event represented a unique opportunity to highlight its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The showcase allowed Olio Piro to connect with key industry players, including broker/buyers, chefs, and media representatives, offering them a firsthand experience of their award-winning high antioxidant Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Piro.


Educational Presentation and Tasting 

A highlight of the event was the presentation titled “Yes, Olive Oil Comes From Olives: The Need for Education in our Sector.” This talk underscored the importance of educating consumers and professionals about the origins and quality of olive oil. Attendees had the chance to taste fantastic olive oils and other products offered by various companies from all over the olive-growing world.


Preview of New "Heat Friendly" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In addition to showcasing their award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Piro, Olio Piro took the opportunity to exclusively unveil their new "Heat Friendly" Extra Virgin Olive Oil, specially designed for cooking and roasting. This new product emphasizes the same high standards of quality and craftsmanship that Olio Piro is known for, providing a versatile option for culinary professionals who seek to enhance their dishes with premium olive oil even under high-heat conditions. The response to the "Heat Friendly" Extra Virgin Olive Oil was fantastic, and Olio Piro looks forward to unveiling this new product to the public in mid-August.

Olio Piro’s participation in the NAOOA Olive Oil Tasting Trade Show not only reinforced its position as a leader in the olive oil industry but also emphasized its unwavering commitment to quality and education in the sector.

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