Olio Piro. wins Gold in London

The London International Olive Oil Competition showcases the best olive oils in the world, selected by a panel of expert tasters, producers and biochemists. After the producers of Olio Piro, Romain and Daniele, pioneered the Health Claim Platinum Award 2018, they received another distinction from the London judges, with this 2020 Quality Award Gold Medal. This year's harvest's fresh aroma, with notes of green almonds followed by hints of grass and herbs, and its balanced flavor and distinctive pepperiness did not disappoint the judges, who awarded Olio Piro a gold medal. Since Piro. is the first in its area to harvest each year, we have the privilege of milling under the most pristine conditions. After milling, Piro. is stored in stainless steel containers under nitrogen gas which creates an air-vacuumed environment that inhibits oxidation. Careful handling continues during the importing process that brings Olio Piro. to the U.S. All the efforts of the Olio Piro. team guarantee that when an Olio Piro bottle is opened in your home in the USA, the oil has the same excellent quality and flavor as when it was produced at Anteata Frantoio in Tuscany.                                                                   


"After our first award in the Health Claim chapter in 2018, it was an honor to receive another distinction at this very prestigious competition, with this gold medal in the Quality Awards.We are passionate about quality, and this award crowns a lot of efforts"

- Daniele Lepori

Daniel Lepori receives the Platinum Award in London, 2018. Due to COVID-19, this years' award ceremony was held virtually.  

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