Piro and the Extra Virgin Alliance at the Fancy Food Show

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Olio Piro Shines at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2023.

Olio Piro, recognized for its outstanding quality and commitment to sustainability, made a remarkable impression at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2023 as an exhibitor in the Extra Virgin Alliance Pavillion.

The company's CEO, Marie-Charlotte Piro, and director of Production, Romain Piro, were present at the event, with Romain flying specially from Tuscany to attend. Their presence further highlighted Olio Piro's commitment to excellence and their dedication to showcasing their remarkable Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Italy, emphasizing their efforts to protect the environment and contribute positively to communities.

In addition to their remarkable showcase at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2023, Olio Piro was represented by its esteemed CEO, Marie-Charlotte Piro, and its director of Production, Romain Piro. Romain went the extra mile by flying specially from Tuscany to attend the event, emphasizing the company's commitment to making a lasting impression. With their leadership and expertise, Olio Piro captivated visitors and further solidified their position as an exemplary producer of exceptional quality and sustainable oils.

The EVA pavilion, led by EVA Director Alexandra Devarenne, provided a platform for Olio Piro and other member companies to exhibit their collective efforts. Within this hub of education and appreciation, attendees had the unique opportunity to sample and learn about Olio Piro's highly praised high antioxidant extra virgin olive oil . This immersive experience allowed visitors to witness firsthand the company's dedication to sustainability and their expertise in premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil production.

Throughout the event, Olio Piro showcased their unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of their business. They demonstrated traditional olive oil tasting techniques and explained their participation in the EVA's "+Factors" program, which encompasses farming practices, environmental stewardship, production methods, transparency, social responsibility, and community engagement. By highlighting these initiatives, Olio Piro showcased their dedication to crafting delicious a delicious and healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil while simultaneously protecting the environment and improving communities.

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As attendees experienced the flavors and aromas of Olio Piro's exceptional product, they gained not only a culinary delight but also a deeper understanding of the importance of supporting producers who prioritize quality, sustainability, and community engagement. The presence of CEO Marie-Charlotte Piro and director of Production Romain Piro at the Fancy Food Show 2023 underscored the company's exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to sustainable practices. Olio Piro's representation at the event served as a testament to their position as a leader in the industry and their dedication to creating exceptional oils while upholding their values.

Here are some comments lefts by visitors of the Olio Piro Booth:

“This is the tastiest EVOO I’ve have had in the entire show”

“It is robust, balanced and intriguing”

“This oil is ALIVE!”

“Fantastic Olive Oil, Well done!”

“You are raising the bar!”


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