A sustainable production process

We are taking you backstage at our ultramodern mill Anteata Frantoio in Tuscany to discover our no-waste production process

Our olive mill, Anteata Frantoio, in beautiful Val d'Orcia

It is known that the production of low yield, cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil generates a particularly high volume of biomass waste.

Our precious olive fruits have 12-30% oil content. This means in biomass term that the total waste generation is about 75% of the olive harvest.  During the production process of our award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil, every kg of olive oil generate 5kg of a by-product called Olive Pomace or "Sansa”, in Italian. 

In a separate location and under the care of our recycling partners, this mix of pulp and crushed olive pits undergoes a careful transformation to become high-quality biofuel: The olive pomace is first dried, then sieved and finally, it is compressed into small pellets or larger briquettes. 

Since olive pomace pellets and briquettes are oil-bearing, they are water repellent and contain less dust. They also have a much better combustion value compared to wood pellets. They can be used without restriction throughout Europe as industrial biofuels.


But our recycling process doesn't end here...

After use, the ashes of olive pellets combustion can be collected and spread over the crops or the land as fertilizer because of its purity and high soluble potassium content.

At Anteata Frantoio, this is just what we do: we use our own biofuel to heat and power our mill. Then, the ashes of the olive pellet are spread over our land for fertilization.


So nothing is wasted, and everything goes back to Mother Earth. 

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