Piro. x Google NYC

Team Piro. was invited at the NYC headquarter of the tech giant for a very excluding tasting for their team members.
We had the opportunity to tour the campus before our event and: Wow! This impressive building takes up an entire city block on 8th Avenue between 15th and 16th streets and nothing less than 3000 employees work here. 
One of the biggest perks of this office is the number of free food options that are offered to the employees. We stopped counting after a while, but toured a good dozen cafes and food stations scattered throughout this fabulous workspace. And you know what? Food is not only free, it’s delicious. Well done! 
Back at the Google teaching kitchen, kingdom of chef Marian Laraia, team Google came to learn from Team Piro about our production process, innovations, commitment to sustainability, and to discover how to taste and enjoy Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

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