State of the Harvest, 2022


The 5000 olive trees nestled in our groves on Monte Amiata made it through another severe drought this summer and showed incredible strength and resilience by bringing out an amazingly healthy fruit. 

This year 2022 will see smaller and fewer olives, that in turn will be healthier due to the absence of bugs and parasites on the high volcanic slopes of Podere Margherita and Podere Anteata. 

Given the rainfall scarcity, several Italian millers are planning to delay the beginning of the harvest with hopes of rainfall between September and October. Waiting could translate into larger yields, but also lower overall quality. 

Here at Olio Piro, we are still planning to start harvesting very early in the season​, in mid-October​. The early picking of our fruit is key to the elevated levels of Polyphenols in Olio Piro and the unmatched ​balance of flavors ​and heath properties of our premium product.​ In fact, we expect this harvest to bring never-reached-before phenolic and anti-oxidant content, surpassing last years’ already groundbreaking results. 

A significant challenge we are facing this year is the turmoil in the European energy market caused by the ​war in Ukraine. Italy is enduring prices of €450 per megawatt hour (from €40 during the last decade), adding up to the dramatic price increase of all our supplies and the cost of logistics. In an industry which has always been characterized by low-profit margins, all expect a significant rise in prices for lower grade Olive oil and premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil alike. 

But one thing is certain: 2022 will be an exceptional year for quality-driven EVOOs and team Piro will be amongst the few who will not compromise quality for quantity.

We are impatient to bring you our new 2022 blend! Our quantities will be limited, but the quality will be here, more than ever. Be ready for an exceptionally fragrant and aromatic oil, with elegant flavors and subtle pepperiness.   

- Romain and Marie-Charlotte Piro. 

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