• Is Olive Oil Good For Us Or Not? Here's What Experts Argue About.

    One of the highest polyphenol olive oils, Olio Piro. from Tuscany, has garnered over 20 awards, including the 2021 Flos Olei best in the category of blended, medium-fruity, extra virgin olive oil.

    By Ellen Kanner, March 2022

  • Drizzle away.

    We applaud the brother-sister team behind Olio Piro. for successfully hybrid-ing a veritable"health food" in the luxury food category. 

    February 2022

  • Olive oil filtration method improves shelf life and scores 96

    A team of scientists from the Italian National Research Council have collaborated with Piro. to create a new filtration system known as a double chamber lenticular filter

    February 2022

  • A premium extra virgin olive oil for your list

    The small dark glass bottle right away said to me I would find a precious treat, and so I did. The 100% Italian 2020 blend is featured in the highly regarded FLOS OLEI guide as 2021’s Best in the World in the blended/medium fruitiness category.

    By Karen Escalera, February 2022

  • Five items you’ll want to have to get your holiday cooking done

    Breaking down the must have items to add to your holiday grocery shopping list to get your cooking done all season done, and Piro. is on top of the list.

    by Kimberly Spinney, December 2021

  • There's luxury olive oil. Then, there's Olio Piro.

    There's luxury olive oil. Then, there's Olio Piro. which comes from Tuscany, packs the highest levels of polyphenol available, and was named "Best in the World” this year by the prestigious Flos Olei guide.

    By Hadley Tomicki, December 2021 

  • Luxury Olive oil, period.

    Piro. is a small business focused on EVOO exceptionalism, and it’s a family affair too. It’s not one passed down through generations, but rather an Italian mountainside adventure in a VW bus by producer, Romain Piro, that led him to purchase land in Mount Amiata only decades ago and settle to live off it.

    By Sunny Frazer, May 2021

  • What is the best cooking oil?

    What's the Best Cooking Oil? Extra virgin olive oil ... grapeseed oil...sesame oil? Depends on how you use it. For frying, sautéing, dressings and more, these bottles are beauties. 

    By Jane Black, February 2021