The Olive Oil Professor: How Olio Piro is Raising the bar



Explore the fascinating narrative of how Olio Piro has redefined excellence in olive oil production, as narrated by Soshi Parks. This engaging account reveals the journey of Marie-Charlotte and Romain Piro as they elevate their artisanal craft to unprecedented heights. Learn about the unexpected twist at an international competition, where their oil's exceptional quality earned it the prestigious platinum award. Delve into the unique qualities that set Olio Piro apart, from its exquisite flavor profile to its unparalleled antioxidant content. Discover the blend of traditional wisdom and cutting-edge technology that underpins every drop of this exceptional oil. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind Olio Piro's purity, health benefits, and unmistakable deliciousness, as told by Soshi Parks in her fascinating article for the Olive Oil Professor. 

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