The Piro. Signature Bottle


Piro Extra Virgin Olive Oil is carefully preserved in a signature bottle that represents the epitome of quality and purity. The anti-oxidation cap, a hallmark feature of Piro, safeguards the oil's freshness by preventing oxygen from infiltrating the bottle, ensuring that each drop remains pristine. Not only does every serving of Piro boast an impressive 4mg of vitamin E and a remarkable 750mg/kg of polyphenols, but also a staggering 83% oleic acid content, underscoring the oil's profound commitment to excellence.

However, it's not just what's inside that sets Piro apart; it's the bottle itself. Crafted from special tempered, UV-resistant, and anti-phthalate tinted glass sourced from the pristine province of Trentino, this bottle combines elegance with functionality. The use of anti-phthalate glass is crucial for Extra Virgin Olive Oil containers because it ensures that no harmful chemicals from the container can leach into the oil. This commitment to purity, coupled with the handwritten harvest date and lot number on each bottle, guarantees that every drop you savor is as fresh and exquisite as the day it was produced. With Piro, you're not just experiencing olive oil; you're savoring a masterpiece of nature's finest harvest, enclosed in a bottle that upholds the highest standards of quality and safety.

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