Time to boost your immune system!

You want to stay strong and healthy and keep your family safe. You also like to consume natural boosters and eat well.

Olio Piro. is your best bet to give a natural uplift to your immune system. It is a great source of Vitamin E and antioxidant polyphenols. 

Olio Piro. actually has more Vitamin E and polyphenols than any other olive oil currently available in the US market. Why else do you think we received the never-awarded-before platinum health claim award at the London International Olive Oil competition in 2018?

Vitamin E boosts your immune system by increasing the production of natural killer cells - important for destroying germs. It also increases B cells, which are responsible for making antibodies.

Olio Piro. provides 4mg of pure, natural and fully absorbable Vitamin E per Tbsp, which is over 25% of the FDA Daily Recommended Value. Four Tbsp of Olio Piro. a day provide 100% of your immune system booster Vitamin E!

The exceptionally high polyphenol content of Olio Piro. – an astonishing 11mg per Tbsp, also helps strengthen your immune system and make it resistant to infections and viruses.

So stay safe, and stay home! We will ship to you.
We are a great "Stay Well" gift for your loved ones far away...

Olio Piro. Mezzo Litro - Annata 2019.

Our best selling award winning First Cold Pressed High Antioxidant* Extra Virgin Olive Oil Piro. in its signature non-refillable, UV-protected tempered glass bottle with anti-oxidation cap, Harvest 2019. Best before June 2021.

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