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This partnership comes together to offer two exceptional pantry items that make up the cornerstone of any meal or kitchen

Just three years after its debut in the U.S. market, Olio Piro is collaborating with Eleven Madison Park as it continues to choose bespoke, quality partners for its Home collection. Piro’s high-antioxidant extra virgin olive oil is featured alongside the exceptional aged balsamic vinegar of Balsamico Bonini in a delicious new pantry staple gift box.

“Whether a professional chef or home cook, having a great olive oil and vinegar in your arsenal that you’re not afraid to use can elevate the deliciousness of your cooking in so many ways,” said Chef Daniel Distefano, Director of Operations, Eleven Madison Home. “Piro perfectly blends tradition and technology to produce an ultra-premium olive oil in a league of its own.”

Eleven Madison Home’s collection of plant-based kitchen essentials, pantry staples and ready-to-eat snacks from the world-renowned Eleven Madison Park is a natural fit for Piro’s ultra-premium olive oil, which has been accumulating accolades since its launch in 2018. Straight from the hills of Tuscany, Piro cold presses its oil in small batches from groves of 300-year-old olive trees using a proprietary double filtration milling system developed with the Italian National Research Council. The result is a bold, rich taste with a distinctive peppery finish and an unusually high level of healthy antioxidants.

“We are tremendously proud of this collaboration as Piro continues to establish itself in the top-tier U.S. olive oil market,” said Olio Piro CEO Marie-Charlotte Piro. “We choose our partners carefully, and being able to work with the best restaurant in the U.S., who shares Piro’s core values of unreasonable quality and sustainability, is the perfect complement to our brand.” 

Eleven Madison Home’s Oil & Vinegar Box features an 8.4-ounce bottle each of Olio Piro extra virgin olive oil and Balsamico Bonini aged balsamic vinegar, tastefully packaged in a responsibly sourced gift box. Priced at $95, this is the perfect gift for home chefs, foodies and hosts. Visit ElevenMadisonHome.com for more.

About Eleven Madison Home: Born out of Eleven Madison Park, the world’s first ever 3 Michelin-starred vegan restaurant, Eleven Madison Home aims to shift the world’s perception of plant-based food. In a market dominated by highly processed ingredients and fake meats, we offer a more delicious and nourishing alternative: prioritizing whole foods, the craft of cooking, and sustainable sourcing. Harnessing the expertise of our chefs and Eleven Madison Park’s legacy of excellence and innovation, we create plant-based staples that can transform your everyday cooking, accompanied by recipes and resources that make a plant-based lifestyle accessible (and enjoyable) to everyone. www.elevenmadisonhome.com @ElevenMadisonHome


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