Lighten up your Thanksgiving with Piro.


Substituting extra virgin olive oil for butter and other fats is a terrific way to lighten up your thanksgiving menu while still bringing fresh flavors to the classics. 

Piro. is great for baking, roasting, and sautéing, in addition to seasoning. It's easy to find ways to incorporate it into your holiday meal this year, and you will be rewarded by exciting new flavors.

Bye-bye, Saturated Fats! 

Consider using Piro. instead of saturated fats like butter or shortening as one of the easiest ways to keep your Thanksgiving feast light and tasty. 

If you don't want to go all-in, you can simply use extra virgin olive oil in place of half of the butter, vegetable oil, or lard in a recipe. By substituting Piro for other liquid fats such as canola or vegetable oil, you may give your meal a tremendous depth of flavor that ordinary oils couldn't match.

Healthier Side Dishes

This year, substitute a full-bodied, spicy olive oil like Piro for half of the butter in your mashed potatoes. You will add a unique flavor profile to it while keeping it lighter and airier than when using butter or cream alone. 

Piro. is the perfect compliment to all veggies, whether roasting, dressing, or seasoning, and adds complexity to the flavors. You will get higher smoke point and greater flavor than a lighter Extra Virgin Olive Oil when you sauté your vegetables with Piro. Try pre-roasting Brussels sprouts, carrots and onions and saute with in Piro. In your cast-iron pan. 

If you are cooking for a crowd, season your veggies with extra virgin olive oil, and spices, spread  evenly on a sheet pan and roast in an oven at 350 ° F. It can save a lot of stove space and make preparation easier. By roasting some foods in the oven, you can save on stove space for other dishes that require your own burner, such as mashed potatoes and gravy.

Your salads with definitely love beeing dressed in Extra virgin olive oil for Thanksgiving! Tip: Mix Piro. with a touch of quality canola oil , together with honey and a small amount of citrus juice to make a  it a light and refreshing vinaigrette, whether it's orange juice or lemon juice. Neutral oils such as canola soften the rich and spicy notes of Piro. and give a starting role to your greens!

A Happy Bird

Applying infused olive oil to your turkey this year will make it  crispy and delicious. Combine Olive oil with fresh thyme, garlic and other dried spices and warm up on the stove. Brush it frequently while your turkey is roasting. It will help keep the skin crispy and will to add layers of flavor to your bird. 

A small amount of Piro. can be drizzled to the sliced ​​turkey to accentuate flavors.

No matter how you add extra virgin olive oil to this year's Thanksgiving meal, high-quality, well-crafted items will ensure that your family enjoy a delicious and healthy meal. 

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