About Olio Piro

Our Terroir

The story of our oil begins with the fertile volcanic soil of Monte Amiata, near Grosetto in southern Tuscany. The soil’s diversity, including limestone, clay, schist and marl, sustains our grove and contributes to the quality and complexity of our premium extra virgin olive oil. Climate also plays its role, as Monte Amiata is warmer and drier than the rest of Tuscany, which results in our olives maturing up to a week before others in the region.

Our groves are located above the vineyards where the prized Brunello di Montalcino wine is produced, at between 1,300 and 2,000 feet above sea level. The trees on the northern slopes receive fewer hours of sunlight each day and ripen more slowly, creating an oil that is peppery and very aromatic. The additional trees that grow on the southern and western slopes are exposed to more sunlight and coastal wind; their oil is robust and complex.

Our Olives

Olio Piro is comprised of several types of olives. The main cultivar is Olivastra Seggianese, an ancient variety unique to this area. We blend with other local cultivars including Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoiano, changing the proportions of the blend each year depending on each cultivar’s flavor and balance.

Our goal is to produce a robust and flavorful oil with a high antioxidant content. We achieve this by harvesting earlier than most of our neighbors, from early October through mid-November. Our crew uses gentle harvesting techniques to prevent bruising the olive fruit (which can create off-flavors and defects), and we transport olives to the mill within 6 hours in small bins. This careful handling and quick delivery to the mill are crucial for preserving the high quality of the oil as well as its nutrient and antioxidant levels.

Our Mill: Anteata Frantoio

Our miller, Daniele Lepori, has operated Anteata Frantoio since 2005. Using state-of-the-art equipment from Pieralisi, our olives are turned into “liquid gold” under Daniele’s mastery and guidance.

Since we are the first in our area to harvest each year, we have the privilege of milling under the most pristine conditions. Olives are washed, crushed and then malaxed - stirred slowly until the oil begins to separate from the “mash”, all while maintaining a temperature of 22℃.

It is the artistry of the miller to know the optimum moment to transfer the mash from malaxer to centrifuge, where the oil is separated from vegetal matter and water. At Anteata Frantoio, oil is extracted in a two-phase process during which no water is added, which can dilute the oil’s flavor. The oil is then transferred from the centrifuge to a separator, and then it is immediately filtered using an innovative vertical filter which removes any remaining organic residue.

After milling our oil is stored in stainless steel containers under nitrogen gas which creates an air-vacuumed environment that inhibits oxidation. Olio Piro is decanted to order into signature bottles with UV protective glass with anti-oxidation caps, which impedes air flow after the bottle is opened.


Careful handling continues during the importing process that brings Olio Piro to the U.S. Bottles are shipped to the U.S. under temperature-controlled conditions either by airplane or boat, and upon arrival in the U.S., the oil is stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse.

All the efforts of our team guarantee that when you use Olio Piro in your kitchen it has the same excellent quality and flavor as when it was produced at Anteata Frantoio.


Romain Piro and Daniele Lepori

Romain Piro: The Craftsman – harvest and production
Romain has been producing olive oil since 2007 in the region of Seggiano and Monte Amiata. He is a perfectionist who spares no expense in order to craft the best olive oil. His devotion to every detail and his respect for nature’s whims result in the high quality you enjoy in Olio Piro. Romain lives with his wife Livia and their son Thésée in the beautiful century old Podere Margerita near the village of Seggiano. 

Daniele Lepori: The Alchemist – milling and bottling

Daniele’s motto is "a good beginning makes a good ending”. He purchased Azienda Agricola Anteata, a Tuscan farm on Monte Amiata with hundreds of olive trees in 2004, where he lives with his wife Rachele and their three children. Daniele’s dedication to innovation compelled him to invest in state-of-the-art equipment for both the farm and frantoio (mill); he is credited with the rebirth of southern Tuscany’s olive oil industry in the late 2000’s. 

Marie-Charlotte Piro: The Ambassador – marketing and distribution

With 20 years’ experience in sales, Marie-Charlotte is responsible for importing Olio Piro and leads all U.S. and Canadian marketing efforts.With a passion for uncompromising quality and excellence in customer service, Marie-Charlotte sings the praises of Olio Piro through social media and has forged strategic alliances with top chefs as well as boutique retail stores. She splits her time between Upstate New York and Miami with her husband William and two sons Hendrix and Remington.